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Model AL300 Fusion Lift

The AL300 Fusion lift offers the convenience of being able to carry either a power chair or a scooter with one lift. This lift is compatible with virtually every scooter or power chair available and uses easy to operate retractors to secure the scooter or power chair.
  • Lifting Capacity – 350 lbs
  • Maximum Scooter Width – 27″
  • Max Scooter Wheelbase – 42″
  • Installed Weight – 105 lbs
  • Hitch Height – 5″ – 19″
  • Hitch Class – II or III

Model AL600 Hybrid Platform Lift

Hybrid Platform Lifts combines the simplicity of a drive-on, drive-off platform with all the benefits of carrying your mobility device inside a vehicle. The largest travel distance in its class makes this lift compatible with most enclosed vehicles, including SUVs! It allows second row seating to remain in place in most applications.
  • Lifting Capacity – 350 lbs
  • Headroom Required – 32″
  • Depth Required – 46.5″
  • Platform Dead Space – 5.5″ maximum
  • Vertical Reach – 33.5″
  • Adjustable Platform Size – 28.5″ x 38″-50″

Model AL690 Side Door HPL

The desire for closer access inspired the AL690 Hybrid Platform Lift. This life will deliver a power chair or scooter right next to the driver or passenger’s door. Simple, one button operation and drive-on, drive-off simplicity make the AL690 one of the most user friendly lifts available. Lifting Capacity – 275 lbs
  • Headroom Required – 32″
  • Depth Required – 58.5″
  • Platform Dead Space – 4.5″ Max
  • Vertical Reach – 33.5″
  • Platform Size – 21.5″ – 28.5″ x 38.5″

Model AL065 Micro Inside-Out Lift

Designed to combine quality with budget, we offer a solution for virtuallyevery application. The Lift mounts on a vehicle hitch but loads your power chair or scooter inside the vehicle. A 200 pound lifting capacity, this micro lift is the perfect solution to provide inside lift capabilities to vehicles that cannot accomodate an inside lift.
  • Lifting Capacity – 200 lbs
  • Hitch Class – II or III