Jennifer & Keith Hinson

Just wanted to thank you for the great workmanship and professionalism we have received from Toppertown over the past years. You have been our source for toppers, trailer brakes setup, massive brush/grill guard with winch plate, and everything else we could imagine. At no time did we ever hear impossible or we don’t do that. You met challenges, such as getting that brush/grill guard head on and won!

The biggest disappointment in our move to Colorado was the fact that we would not be able to use Toppertown more; however, we are still sending all our friends who are still there. Of great value recently was our need for warranty work. A place here in Colorado Springs was telling us no, but we placed a call to you and you said you’d help. Thank you for putting us in touch with the manufacturer’s rep. He too excelled at customer satisfaction and pointed us the correct dealer to work with. We did not know what to expect from this new dealer after the wonderful experiences you have trained us to expect. However, while they were not Toppertown, they came close to you with their professionalism and caring. We must stress. however, that we have not been to any truck accessories store who have the quality of people as Toppertown. You listen, you care, you not only succeed, you EXCEL!!!!

Everything, including the glass art, are still in excellent condition. Great Quality as well.