Scott Buthker

Just wanted to thank Topper Town for a very professional install of my LED truck bed lights. Very pleased with the results. I am very impressed with the quote that was given and the professionalism that this deal was handled with. Excellent job guys, thanks so much for a custom install.

John Pratt

Toppertown did a fuel tank replacement for a F-350 belonging to MIT Crew.  You did a fantastic job, I am very satisfied by the work and would be happy to recommend you to anyone.

Bob Brady

I want to thank you for the cap i purchased from you back in 2008. It has held up just great. It looks as good as when you sold it to me. THANKS FOR THE GREAT CAP.

Deb and Bob Brinck

Thank you for the excellent service!

Tom D.

Topper Town will still be the first place to check with.




Tom D.

Dustin Graben

I just wanted to let you guys know how proud I am of the work that was just accomplished on my 04 Silverado. The spray-on bed liner, the rail caps, the toolbox, the nerf bars, and most importantly the job that was done on the grille. I am still just ecstatic that the grille paint job was suggested and could be accomplished by you guys with such great results. I had been wanting a black grille but had given up due to the prices ($500 and up), but for $200 you guys gave my truck an astonishing new look that is even better than I could have imagined!!! I haven’t even had it back for 12 hours yet but I have already been paid multiple compliments on how good the truck looks, especially the grille. I haven’t been able to stop myself from going to look at it every time I go outside. Not only does the overall product that you provided look exceptional, but your team of associates that I dealt with (Alex, Martin, John, and Chris) were more than helpful and courteous. They showed their dedication to the customer by being willing and able to help me get as much accomplished as possible with the short schedule that I had to work with. My only regret of coming to your business is that I will be moving shortly and you guys have set the bar extremely high and I know that I won’t get that kind of service or quality of work anywhere else I go. While I am truly disappointed that I will not be able to continue to do business with you, I will definitely let all of my friends who are in this area know that Topper Town is the place to go for all of their custom accessory needs. I also wanted to let you know that I am extremely grateful for the military discount that you provided. If there is anything I can ever do for your company just let me know. I will send a picture of the truck so you can see just how awesome that black grille really is!!!

Many Thanks,

Dustin Graben

Stephen & Deb Hale

We loved what you did to our truck and now we need things for our new car. We love the work and products, we get lots of looks. People tell us all the time how much they like the truck. We even took it to the dealer to show it off. They were impressed.

Robert “Ike” Eisenhauer

I’m convinced that Toppertown, Inc. of Cocoa is the only place in Brevard County to get topper or bedliner work done right!

Stampede Racing

Thanks to you and the team for dressing out Stampede Racings new track truck. Your suggestions are what really ‘made’ the truck something we can be proud of.

Brooks Outland

Thank you very much for the email pics of my truck!

All too often, when good service is rendered, one forgets to express one’s feeling of gratitude. I’m certain you do not have many ‘complainers,’ but I know that many of your customers, although satisfied with the work you have done for them, don’t take a moment to let you know of their satisfaction!

I feel an obligation to let you know how very satisfied I am with the work you have done on my 2002 Ford Ranger (Edge) pickup truck. My first contact with Toppertown was via the telephone. What a pleasure it was to be able to speak with an individual, not only knowledgeable of your products and services, but one who is courteous and down-right pleasant! Patti Nicholas reflects great credit upon your company. Upon my first visit to your offices, I was greeted like a long lost relative. Patti not only demonstrated a complete knowledge of what Toppertown has to offer, she demonstrated her ability to deal with people in a ‘sales’ situation.

I was able to view the work being done on my truck and immediately realized that your employees knew what they were doing! That is a fear that we, the customer, always possess. However, your employees demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and a keen desire to do their best. Often times, one hears blatant profanity and arguing amongst those who do the work. Nothing like that happened while I was nearby. Loafing and a lack of interest in doing a good job is not part of your crew’s makeup. The completed job is evidence of their care and attention to detail. I could not be more satisfied with the work they did. Please pass my sentiments on to them; they are, indeed, a credit to Toppertown, Inc.

I could not be more pleased!