Stephen & Deb Hale

We loved what you did to our truck and now we need things for our new car. We love the work and products, we get lots of looks. People tell us all the time how much they like the truck. We even took it to the dealer to show it off. They were impressed.

Robert “Ike” Eisenhauer

I’m convinced that Toppertown, Inc. of Cocoa is the only place in Brevard County to get topper or bedliner work done right!

Stampede Racing

Thanks to you and the team for dressing out Stampede Racings new track truck. Your suggestions are what really ‘made’ the truck something we can be proud of.

Truck Caps & Tonneaus

We proudly carry the very best brands of lids (tonneau covers), including:


Available options include: Wings, Racks, Lights, Carpeted Interiors, and more.

Retrax One



Retrax One

Tempered aluminum support beams embedded into the polycarbonate sheet add strength to support heavy snow loads and ensure quiet, stable travel at any speed.

Retrax One with Realtree®

RetraxONE is now available with Realtree® Camo! Nothing goes together like pickup trucks and the outdoors. Contact your authorized Retrax dealer now.

Retrax Pro



Retrax Pro

Industrial strength aluminum provides the strength to support distributed loads of more than 500 pounds!




Roll-N-Lock® M-Series™

The most advanced truck bed cover ever made. The most secure solution for your cargo.
From its retractable function, which permits opening or closing in literally seconds, to its rigid, vinyl-over-aluminum laminated construction, this hybrid cover offers everything other covers do not. There are no snaps to manipulate, there is no roll or bundle to lash down or stow, no crossbars to negotiate, no fabric shrinkage to struggle with, no folding or solid hinged covers to combat, and, best of all, no worries about the security of cargo. The Roll-N-Lock retractable truck bed cover…by far the most intelligent and versatile tonneau cover made.

Cargo Manager® — Put Cargo in its Place

Cargo Manager®, an optional companion product for Roll-N-Lock® tonneau covers, is a movable truck bed divider that can be positioned every 3″ along the length of the bed to manage and contain lightweight cargo. Controlled from the driver’s side, Cargo Manager is repositioned by simply squeezing the control levers. Cargo Manager’s spring-activated mechanism then automatically pins the divider to each side track in the next nearest slot. When combined with a Roll-N-Lock retractable tonneau cover, this dynamic product combination gives truck owners not only the ability to cover and secure the contents of the truck bed, but also prevents objects from shifting in the bed when stopping or turning abruptly.

Pace Edwards


Solid Fold


Rugged Cover



With their tough construction and easy no-drill installation, Rugged Cover tonneau covers from Rugged Line rare some of the best and most convenient to own on the market. We proudly offer Rugged Liner’s Premium Tri-Fold Tonneau with built in with cargo lights, E-Series tri-fold, Vinyl Snap, and Hard Fold tonneau covers, all with free shipping to any address in the contiguous United States. Their snap and roll up truck bed covers feature quality vinyl wrapped over a strong aluminum frame with a built-in tensioner to adjust to varying climate conditions, while their hard models are built using tough water-tight ABS plastic.

Under Cover





Easy On – Easy Off

Quick Release hardware and lightweight materials make Undercover™ the fastest and easiest to install and remove.

Strong, Lightweight & Durable

Undercovers patented X-effect design and advanced polymers give this tonneau unparalleled strength and durability at a fraction of the weight.

Easy Storage

Wall mount hardware is included with every cover to keep your garage clutter free.

Dual Locks for extra security


LED light for night time visibility

Diamond Back


Diamond Back Logo


The DiamondBack Truck Cover and Commercial Series is Ideal for:


The DiamondBack HD Truck Cover protects equipment, opens at both ends to provide full bed access, and, most importantly, creates a 1600 lb. hauling platform. Add DiamondBack’s ladder rack and side boxes to complete an equipment package engineered especially for the commercial industry. Get maximum versatility from your truck–-more efficiency and profit from your business.



Ladder Rack

8″ 7 Ga. powder-coated steel baseplates are the most rugged, stable footprint in the industry, 1 5/8” O.D. 14-Gauge Steel Uprights, No Rust, 6061-T6 Aluminum Cross Bars (powder coated), 500 lb. load rating

Kargo Master Pro Ii Ladder Rack

Need to haul 16-24′ lumber or ladder? DiamondBack Truck Covers has teamed up with Kargo Master Ladder Racks to bring you the ultimate heavy hauling solution. The DiamondBack Ladder Rack Cab Cover works for this rack as well. 1700 lb. load capacity

Rear Rack

For use with the HD Cab Guard. 1.25″ Schedule 40 Aluminum Pipe Frame. 350 lb. load capacity

HD Cab Guard

1″ Aluminum Tube Frame. Heavy Duty Expanded Aluminum Body. Aluminum Diamond Plate Gussets. 350 lb. load capacity
Ladder Rack Cab Guard

Ladder Rack Cab Guard

Protects cab window for hauling. Maintains visibility through an expanded metal screen. Hinges from the cover, folding flat to allow opening of the cab panel–-even with cargo
Side Tool Boxes

Side Tool Boxes

24”L x 9”W x 7”H (long bed). 18”L x 9”W x 7”H (short bed). Bolts to underside of center panel. Sold in pairs; up to four per truck
Tailgate Protector

Tailgate Protector

1/8″ aluminum diamond-plate. Easily attached with six self-tapping screws (provided)

Used Covers

Racks & Commercial Equipment

Tommy Gates, Roof Racks, Ladder Racks, Cargo Management, Toolboxes, etc.

From WEATHERGUARD, MASTERACK, Rack-it, YAKIMA, AluRack, Thule, Track Rack and more!


G2 Dual Drive

The G2 is a heavy-duty dual cylinder design liftgate which fits most full-size (late model and earlier) pickup truck applications.Lifting Capacity – 1300 and 1500 lbs

Designed to fit many different sizes of flatbed, stake and van Bodies, the Rail Gate Series gives an operator the choice of many platform sizes and options that make heavy-duty loading and unloading easier.


Original Series

Original Series liftgates fit most of today’s popular models of service or utility truck bodies.

Lifting Capacity – 1000, 1300 and 1600 lbs


G2 Dual Drive

The G2 is a heavy-duty dual cylinder design liftgate which fits most service and utility body applications.

Lifting Capacity – 1300 and 1600 lbs


G2 Dual Drive

Original Series liftgates fit most cargo vans and Sprinters.

Lifting Capacity – 1000 lbs


Model 650

Model 650 mounts completely inside the van and can be stored close either to allow easy access into the van or to maximize
storage area.

Lifting Capacity – 650 lbs


Many platform sizes and materials available for most trucks.Lifting Capacity – 1000, 1300 and 1600 lbs

Lifting Capacity- 1600lbs


Rack-it Truck Racks


Flat Beds or Utility Beds

  • Racks to fit almost any truck.
  • Priced to fit your budget.
  • Built to last a life time, and look good too!
  • Rack-it’s are one piece welded heavy duty racks available in black steel, or mill finish aluminum.

Call with your custom applications:

AluRack – Your professional roof solution

Alurack™ is the roof rack of choice for every type of van. The patented basic model is easily mounted to existing mounting points on the roof and may be expanded with a wide variety of accessories.


Light, Strong And Resilient

Alurack’s™ anodized aluminum construction is non rusting and challenges any weather condition. Its lightweight engineered profiles allow for high carrying capabilities even at a limited roof load capacity.

Light, Strong And Resilient

Alurack’s™ anodized aluminum construction is non rusting and challenges any weather condition. Its lightweight engineered profiles allow for high carrying capabilities even at a limited roof load capacity.

Modern Aerodynamics

AluRack’s modern, aerodynamic design not only gives it a highly dynamic look but also reduces fuel consumption and minimizes wind noise.

Thule Roof Racks and Boxes

Great for camping!

Thule Roof Boxes have smooth aerodynamic design for minimal wind resistance. Universal mounting design – attaches to all types of aftermarket and factory installed roof racks. Mounts quickly with time-saving new Variable Quick Mount system. No need to adjust load bars when mounting the box. Easy, single-side opening and closing. Rugged construction with impact resistant ABS material.

Thule racks are easy to use, safe, and solidly built and they add functionality and comfort to your vehicle.


Roof Boxes

Living an active lifestyle, going on vacation, or just in need of the extra space? Our wide range of roof boxes have something that fits every need. You will benefit more from traveling than ever before.

Roof Racks

Where to put everything? It all starts with a Thule roof rack. Get the perfect load carrier feet and bars. Then add different loading options later. Use the Thule Fit Guide to explore what really works for you.

TracRac Racks


VersaRack™ by Masterack®:


Hauler Pickup Truck Racks


Heavy Duty Aluminum “Hauler II” Truck Racks

The NEW “Hauler II” is the next generation in heavy duty all aluminum pickup truck racks. This is a universal truck rack. There are 3 part numbers for these pickup truck racks for all Full Size pickup trucks with 6.5’ or 8′ beds with various styles of cabs. There
are 4 part numbers for these pickup truck racks for all Mid/Mini pickup trucks with 6′-8′ beds. There is a new look to these pickup truck racks as the front side rails taper down. The pickup truck rack capacity is 1200 lbs. No need for extended cab braces like the “Hauler” heavy duty pickup truck racks use for extended cabs. The legs adjust along the cross bar giving it a universal fit. (These pickup truck racks also available for the wrap around camper shell -1000 lbs. cap rack capacity)




Heavy Duty Aluminum “Hauler” Truck Racks

1200 lbs rack capacity See application guide above for part numbers for these pickup truck racks.

Removable Truck Side Ladder Racks

500 lbs rack capacity TLRSAA-1 (All Bright Dip & Anodized Aluminum) TLRSAAFR-1 (Ford Ranger Only!)
This pickup truck rack will not fit Nissan Frontier Crew Cabs or any pickup truck with a box less than 6 feet long.

Service Body / Utility Body Aluminum “Hauler” Racks


Yakima Cargo Management


Skybox Series

With it’s built-in, accessory-ready track system, it’s a whole new kind of cargo box.

RocketBox Series

The original, rugged stand-bys that are light on your wallet.

Gear Baskets

Throw in all your stuff and even add mounts to carry your gear.

Luggage Bags

More flexible and easier to transport than a box.


UWS Carrier is crafted of light weight strong alloy aluminum which is an all-welded structure designed tough with a fully stressed structural beam floor, Strong enough to compete with the steel ones (500# Cap.) yet will last a lifetime safely and not weaken from rust in a few years like steel will. Pair this carrier up with our TBC-DD Chest box and you have a weather tight box combo.



The Bedslide is what every pickup bed needs. It comes fully assembled, it’s rugged, very affordable, and includes a 5 year limited warranty! There are currently two models available: the SR10 DuraDeck and the CGPRO DuraDeck.

The DuraDeck gives you the following:


With the standard method of installation, removal of the entire unit takes two people less than a minute! The standard Bedslide sits up 4” from the top of the deck to the floor of the truck so it hardly takes any room.. The XL version for the Avalanche and Escalade EXT is 2 ½” at the midgate and 3 ½” at the tailgate. It tapers to clear the tailgate as it does not lay flat.

Transfer Tanks





UWS is designed to transport non-potable water and diesel fuel needed for many uses of contractor, agriculture, government, and other commercial applications. A commercial grade vented cap is standard as are stout mounting flanges.

Rectangle, “L-Shaped”, and Combo tanks are all made with 125 H.D. aluminum alloy. Made to not rust-ever!! and Job-tough enough to last many years.

Tool Boxes


Low Profile Box

The SINGLE LID SERIES from UWS is a low profile box with a single piece lid that opens vertically to 90 degrees, not partially open like others. Result? Lots of accessible space that lets you load golf clubs or bulky tools easily. Two super-duty gas cylinders lift and hold the lid open. This lid, available only on a UWS Box, is a solid structurally foamed lid* that will stay true to shape and virtually eliminate adjusting of latches. UWS boxes are like vaults. . . secure and sealed against the elements.


The UWS Powder Coat Series has a beautiful ceramic-like, durable finish. This look gives a special statement to your vehicle and it has the same beautiful finish on the inside of the box as it does on the outside. The Black Label Series has all of the unique features of the Blue Label Series that you have come to expect from UWS including the spectacular strength of the Foam-Injected Lid. * Look for the UWS Black Label… to make sure you buy the best!
(Tip: Powder coating is an excellent base coat for painting your accessories to match the color of your truck)

Single Lid Truckbox

Contractors, utility companies, commercial and fleet users sure want this new design!! So will you; when you see the smooth-acting, self-opening pushbutton lid on our new Red Label Series. The “Tough-built, High Profile Foam Injected lid is super strong and has the newest features that you really need from UWS. Built for generations of use… this is what you have asked for and count not get from other brands until now. Strength of the UWS Fully-Foamed lids * are unique and once you see that strength demonstrated… no other box will do. 90 degree opening lids let you load the bulky stuff quick and easy. Out of adjustment locks are a problem of the past! One piece sides and ends are fully welded and the strength of one piece construction is unmatched. Shortcuts like “stitch welds” are never taken at UWS. Every seam is a full length weld on a UWS Box.No leaks and much more strength with UWS. “World Class Quality” Construction.


UWS Blue Series Topsider Box

UWS Topsiders are redesigned for even better strength and weatherproofing. Heavier gaskets and a unique “water channel” front opening protects contents from the elements.

Southern Dog Box Double-Door

UWS makes the dog box known throughout the sporting world as the finest-built way to transport and protect your valued dogs. Beautifully done; one at a time; built by hand, sturdy enough to give a lifetime of pride to an owner. They are available in single and double door models. Double door units feature a center aluminum wall separating each compartment. Rails are a standard feature on UWS dog boxes and serve a practical as well as stylish function. Rails are set into strong extrusions and then welded to the box, forming a secure place to tie game, coolers, or other articles.


Light weight and durable so it’s a perfect choice for storage and a great carrying box for the active outdoorsman. Try one of these if you use a Four-Wheeler or other sport vehicle you’ll wonder how you ever did without this kind of convenience. Holds all that “Outdoor Stuff” you need to take! It’s built tough enough to take anywhere you go no matter how rough it gets!


Underbed Boxes


The most rugged underbed boxes available, WEATHER GUARD® Aluminum and Steel Underbed Boxes are designed to withstand rugged daily use. Tools remain accessible when needed and safe and secure from weather and theft. Our underbed truck boxes are a great solution for the secure storage of additional tools and equipment on heavy-duty trucks. Mounts above or below truck bed to provide additional easy-access storage.

Model 525-3-01 Mini Steel Underbed Box

Dimensions: H: 14 1/8 W: 12 3/8 L: 24 1/8
Weight (lbs.): 45
Cubic feet: 2.3

Hi-Side Boxes

Designed to carry more tools by freeing up the storage space in a cargo bed, WEATHER GUARD® Hi-Side Boxes come in both aluminum and steel with extensive reinforced design. Hi-Side Boxes mount on the side rails
of a pickup and come in a variety sizes and styles to suit both your needs and your trade, and are manufactured with these standard features:

Lo-Side Boxes


WEATHER GUARD® Lo-Side and Super-Lo Side Boxes are the preferred solution to efficient storage for contracting professionals and service vehicles. Our Lo-Side Truck Boxes provide easy access to hand-held saws, power drills, tool belts, hammers and other tools while keeping the bed of your truck clear for larger items. Lo-Side Boxes can be used separately or in combination with Cross Boxes or Saddle Boxes and come in different sizes and styles to match your truck and your trade. All WEATHER GUARD Truck Boxes mount for a low profile over the side rails of your pickup and are made of heavy-gauge steel or aluminum and built to last:

Grill & Brush Guards

Westin Sportsman CPS Grille Guards

Chrome Over Stainless Steel


Onki Brush Guards


Street Scene® – Speed Grille™ Insert


Trenz Grill


Manik Products

Manik Taillight Guards

Manik Grille Guard

Manik Bumper Guard

Manik Nudge Bar

Polar Bear


Ranch Hand Truck Accessories


Why should you install a Ranch Hand on your vehicle? Ranch Hand provides extraordinary strength and protection for your vehicles and peace of mind that you have done what you can to protect your most precious cargo…

Ranch Hand Truck Accessories is a booming manufacturing facility deep in the heart of Texas, and this family owned and operated business has been doing business the “Texas way” for 115 years since 1898. The Ranch Hand logo has been recognized in the truck accessory industry since 1986 as the symbol of quality.


Ranch Hand manufactures heavy duty, high quality Grille Guards, Front End Replacements (Legend Series, Summit Series, Bullnose, and Winch Ready), Back Bumpers, Headache Rack Systems, Bed Rails, Steps, and Toolboxes for Chevy, Ford, GMC, Jeep, Ram, and Toyota trucks and SUVs.

At Ranch Hand, we know the importance of a quality product and a happy and safe customer. So whether you are taking your kids to Little League, planning a cross country roadtrip, hauling your horse trailer to the next rodeo, or just running to town for groceries, Be on the Safe Side and choose Ranch Hand.

Truck Defender

Prairie Industries, LLC, presents Truck Defender™. This bumper is classy looking, yet protects without compromising strength, durability and appearance. Truck Defender™ bumpers are made from heavy-duty aluminum to custom fit your make and model. Constructed of heavy-duty, reinforced aluminum. Designed and built on-site for your specific model and special options.


Protect your investment with the Truck Defender™, the lightest, best animal collision protection available.

Prairie Industries manufactures the toughest, best fitting aluminum truck body on the market. Our truck bodies are built with only the best materials for superior strength and appearance.

Engineered extruded aluminum deck planks are far superior in strength, durability and appearance. The extrusion is 6061 T6 structural aluminum. The extrusion is tongue and grooved together, giving you a complete interlocking structure for each piece.

WARN Ultimate

Performance Series Winches



We sell and install all Types of Receivers from: Draw-Tite, Reese, Hidden Hitch, Tow-Ready, Valley, Putnam, B&W, Curt, Pull-Rite Towing Systems, Roadmaster, Blue Ox, 5th Airbourne, Hensley Arrow Advanced Towing Systems, Weight distribution receivers, Turnover Ball goosenecks, and 5th wheels. We offer a complete line of towing solutions!


SuperGlide – Short Box 5th Wheel Towing

SuperGlide is the only true solution for safe 5th wheel towing with short bed trucks. SuperGlide automatically moves the trailer away from the cab while making turns – allowing up to 90° turning without stopping, slowing down or even thinking about the space between the truck & trailer – and then automatically returns the hitch and trailer to the safe towing position over the truck axle when the turn is completed. Until the introduction of the SuperGlide with the patented CamGlide feature, what options were there for people with short bed trucks? Not turn tight corners while towing your trailer? Install the hitch improperly… too far back in the truck bed to distribute the load correctly?
pull-rite” width=

PullRite – Sway Free Travel Trailer Towing

The design of the PullRite hitch is unique – it eliminates the pivot point at the trailer ball – and creates a pivot point at the axle of the tow vehicle – like a 5th wheel hitch – but mounted under the vehicle instead of above the axle. 5th wheel trailer towing characteristics – safety, comfort, maneuverability and confidence – with a travel trailer! The Pullrite is the right choice for a wide selection of tow vehicles, including trucks, vans and most sport utility vehicles. From lightweight tent campers, to the largest RV trailers, there’s a model to provide safer towing for your trailer. PullRite hitches are total towing solutions – with the weight distributing system being an integral part of the PullRite design – equalizing weight, and eliminating dangerous sway.

Reese Hitches

Reese – Leading the way for fifty years with quality safety and innovation.


We also have Carriers and Kits

Hidden Hitch ATV Products


Blue Ox Tow Bars


Aventa LX Tow Bar

BX7445 – The Class IV Aventa™ LX has a ball-in-socket design that reduces wear points between the coach and the tow car. Hook up and disconnect is a cinch with the 360-degree swivel and easily connects and disconnects with Signature Series easy-release locking handles when you’re out of alignment or on uneven surfaces. Our exclusive offset triple lug connection, minimizes the towing forces on the tow car. 10,000lb safety cables are included.

Alpha Tow Bar

BX7365 – The Alpha™ tow bar is for use with towed vehicles up to 6,500 lbs. This easy foldaway tow bar mounts and stores on the back of the RV when not in use. It is self aligning, has quick disconnect hookup pins and Signature Series easy-release locking handles. It is constructed with solid steel. Safety cables are included.

Aladdin Tow Bar

The Class III 7,500lb towing capacity Aladdin™ tow bar is constructed primarily of aluminum. Weighing in at only 37 pounds, with a 3-axis swivel design quickly connects and disconnects in minutes flat with the Signature Series easy-release locking handles! Its exclusive offset triple lug connection minimizes towing forces on the tow car. Safety cables come standard

Acclaim Tow Bar

The Class III Accaim™ tow bar is virtually maintenance-free with Signature Series easy-release locking handles and protective rubber boots. It can tow vehicles up to 5,000lbs and is constructed with solid steel. This tow bar requires a 2” ball. Safety cables are included.

Adventurer Tow Bar

The Class III Adventurer™ tow bar is the perfect for part-timers. It is a universal option to safely tow up to 5,000lbs. The adjustable legs expand up to 34″ wide and allow safer and easier coupling and uncoupling. It folds easily for storage and requires a 2″ ball. Safety cables are not included.

Allure Tow Bar

The Class IV Allure™ tow bar is specifically designed to fit heavy-duty vehicles, provide a tight turning radius and haul heavy loads with ease. With 10,000lbs of towing capacity, it features a pintle hook along with collapsible legs for safer and easier coupling and Signature Series easy-release locking handles.

Ambassador Tow Bar

Ambassador Tow Bar The Class III Ambassador™ tow bar is made of solid steel and can safely tow up to 5,000lbs. This tow bar requires a 2” ball. Safety cables are not included. Only to be used with baseplates with 24″ centers.

Trion Tow Bar

Titan Tow Bar The Trion™ is the strong and efficient towing system. Part Number: BX7520P 20,000 lbs. of towing capacity Swivle Pintle and Clevis Adjustable legs mean easier coupling and un-coupling Stores right on the tow vehicle when not in use No assembly required.

Torrent Tow Bar

Torrent Tow Bar The Torrent™ is the heavy duty towing system. Part Number: BX7540P 40,000 lbs. of towing capacity Swivle Pintle and Clevis No latching pins Tight turning radius Recommended maximum width of 33″ standard triple lug option No assembly

Triton Tow Bar

Triton Tow Bar The Triton™ is the strength when you need it system. Part Number: BX7580P 80,000 lbs. of defense grade towing capacity Powerful enough to tow up to nine HUMVEEs (8,900 lbs. average weight per vehicle) Automatic locking legs 62.2″ leg extension, 40.94″ leg spread Self-aligning.

Triumph Tow Bar

Triton Tow Bar The Triumph™ is the biggest and baddest towing system. Part Number: BX75120P 120,000 lbs. of defense grade towing capacity Powerful enough to tow up to thirteen HUMVEEs (8,900 lbs. average weight per vehicle) Automatic locking legs Self-aligning hook-up 57 1/2″ wide hook-up.

Performance & Suspension


Roadmaster Active Suspension kits are designed to vastly improve road handling and load carrying ability, with or without a load, when fitted to pickups, vans and sports utilities, with rear leaf springs. Refer to our application guide for the correct kit for your vehicles.
When fitted, never load the vehicle beyond the manufacturers’ maximum GVWR.

Air Lift® Auxiliary Air Helper Springs


Airlift Kit 1000 Coil (60000 & 80000 Series)

  • Air adjustable air lift springs fit open coil springs on all vehicles, front or rear
  • Up to 1000 lbs. of load leveling capability *
  • The #1 choice for passenger car heavy load assist
  • Excellent front end support for snow plows, winches, etc.
  • Replaces front OEM air springs on P30/3500 chassis

Airlift Kit RC (59000 Series)

  • Applications for air springs to be added to front and rear leaf spring suspensions
  • Up to 2500 lbs. Of load leveling capability*
  • Designed for full-size and mini pickups and vans (2WD/4WD)
  • Economical choice for upgrading today’s softer OEM suspensions
  • Excellent choice for variable loads or towing support

Airlift Kit Super Duty (57000 Series)


Air Lift Air Helper Springs

for Trucks, Vans, Mini-Vans, Motorhomes, and SUVs – boost your suspension with these airadjustable helper spring kits

Heavy Duty Coil Springs

Heavy Duty Coil Springs special aftermarket heavy duty coil springs that provide additional carrying capacity and increased vehicle height. Great for light trucks and vans with diesel engines and motorhome applications.


Train Horns, Bedliners, Bed Rails, Tailgate Caps

Kleinn Train Horns



200 Series Train Horns

Black ABS triple train horn on flat rack mount. For everyone who told us they wanted a louder nastier horn — here it is. Three tuned trumpets. 17.5″, 14.5″ and 11.5″. High Impact ABS.These horns are designed for durability, easy fit, and extreme sound. The ABS trumpets with extra-wide bells produce a bone rattling locomotive blast that can be felt as well as heard.

500 Series Train Horns

Loud and deep, Kleinn 500 Series train horns will turn heads and move people — big time! All 500 Series horns have reversible trumpets so you can get that realistic multi-directional effect, just like a real locomotive. Sturdy aluminum mounting brackets allow for under-body or rooftop mounting. There’s no mistaking that genuine train horn sound. When these horns sound you’ll swear that you’re standing on the tracks. Listen to Sound Clip

  • Three trumpet train horn
  • 16″, 14″ and 11″ trumpets
  • Available with copper (501) or ABS (500) trumpets
  • Available with 1/2″ valve and air line upgrade (502)
  • Reversible trumpets
  • Deep, loud train horn sound
  • 151.7 – 153.9 db output

Direct Drive Conversion Kit

  • Tank-less air system
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with Kleinn Compact Horns

Vortex Series High Performance Air Valves

  • Working pressures as high as 350 PSI
  • Large orifices for increased air flow
  • Great with air suspension or air horns

Individual Air System Components

  • Replacement components for our “sealed” systems
  • Add on to existing air systems

Featured Product


The Kleinn Model 630

This is the ultimate train horn for your car, truck or SUV. The model 630 consists of 3 chrome plated copper trumpets with oversized bells for a deep rumbling train horn sound. The trumpets mount separately for easy installation and the 630 can be upgraded with the BlastMaster Upgrade Kit to make it go even LOUDER!

Qwik Liner


The Next Generation of Spray on Linings

Featuring the NO FADE TOP COAT We can spray, Trucks, Trailers, Boats, Porches, Garage floors! Call for estimate.

BedRug Bed Liners

Everybody loves their BedRug! The BedRug looks like carpet and feels like carpet, but it is all RUGGED PLASTIC! Just like drop-in liners or spray-in liners, the BedRug is Plastic. That’s why it is completely unaffected by water, dirt, grease, oil, acids, bleach or solvents. BedRug does it all. And, with more style than any other plastic bedliner. Everybody loves their BEDRUG!

Rugged Liner Bed Liners

Guaranteed Truckbed Protection



Bed Rails and Tailgate Caps
The sensible alternative to chrome and steel bed rails.



Diamond Plate Aluminum bed rails

also available in Smooth Stainless Steel!!

Fender Flares

Extended coverage and flexible design keeps you looking
good (and legal) while withstanding off-road abuse. For more than 25 years, Bushwacker has built a reputation for excellence with flares and after-market accessories that set the standard of quality, on and off the road. The good looks and durability of Bushwacker fender flares are showing up wherever you see trucks, sport utility vehicles, Jeeps®, and vans – from off-road adventures to a spin around town. They’re designed and manufactured to stand up to the toughest driving conditions and retain their beauty, year after year. Every Bushwacker flare is constructed from Dura*Flex our own exclusive, high impact thermoplastic. Dura*Flex offers flexibility and strength to help retain the flares original shape even in the most extreme weather and road conditions. So wherever you’re headed, from a shopping trip in the city to a fishing trip in the mountains, you’ll travel in style with Bushwacker flares. We’ve got a flare for every style.

Interior and Exterior


Is a vehicle really complete without an array of bells and whistles for your beautiful interior?

Items we carry and install


Window Visors, Guards, and Fender Flares from Bushwacker, EGR

From the Toppertown, Inc. showroom:




Window Visors

Ventilation made easy, rain or shine, while parked or in motion!



WeatherFlectors are precision crafted in Germany exclusively for MacNeil Automotive Products by ClimAir®, an OEM approved supplier to nearly 20 of the world’s finest vehicle manufacturers. The lightly tinted cast acrylic is nearly twice as thick as the nearest competitor and installs quickly and easily inside your window channel using a precision-machined, micro-thin mounting flange.
Rain or shine, while parked or in motion, you get the best of both worlds with WeatherFlectorsTM! While parked, you can leave the windows open an inch or two to keep the interior cool. While driving with the windows open, you can take advantage of the fresh outside air while minimizing the amount of wind and noise entering your vehicle. On rainy days, you can partially open your window without getting soaked, allowing an added bit of ventilation to remove stale or smoky air. And with the WeatherTech® WeatherFlectors being TUV approved, it is clearly your finest choice.

EGR Window Visors

The ultimate in open window driving.

  • Protects from rain, dust and wind
  • Lets the fresh air in and the stale air out
  • Easy to install and made from tough material
  • Available for 4×4 and passenger vehicles
  • Finishes include 3D carbon fibre look and light smoke
  • Large range of applications
  • Designed to suit each vehicle

Wrap Guards


EGR Aero Wrap Guards

The ultimate protection against stone, bug and road debris.

  • Aerodynamically designed to deflect stones and bugs over the vehicle’s windshield
  • Custom molded from tough and durable materials
  • Finishes include 3D Carbon Fibre “look”, clear or dark smoke
  • NO DRILL installation
  • Easy to clean
  • A perfect fit contoured to each vehicle

AeroSkin Bug Shield by Auto Ventshade

New Style Hood Protection
Available in Smoke or Chrome Finish


Precisely engineered for a custom fit, the AeroSkin Hood Shield is more than leading edge protection for your hood, it’s a statement in styling.
Using 3M automotive grade tape, the AeroSkin Hood Protector will hold it’s own; no drilling, no hardware makes installation a breeze.
Available in tough acrylic smoke or classic chrome finishes, the AeroSkin is the perfect finishing touch for any vehicle. Features low-profile, aerodynamic, leading edge hood