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  • Mirror Cover Inserts
  • Door Handle Inserts
  • Tailgate Handle Inserts

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a new breed of door handle that has been used on vehicles for the last couple of years. It can be confusing because it is called “Keyless Entry”. An old term being used on these new handles. What’s the difference? Only the driver’s door has a keyhole. That’s right; there is no keyhole on the passenger side of the vehicle. Be sure to pay attention to this detail when shopping for door handle inserts, and as always, feel free to contact us with any questions.


  • Dramatically enhance the look of your vehicle in minutes with new chrome mirror covers.
  • Easy installation, simply clean the surface, peel the 3M tape, and then apply the new chrome trim right on top of the existing part on your vehicle.
  • Made of an automotive grade of ABS and triple chrome plated to match any existing chrome on your vehicle perfectly.

Putco Trim

  • Made of automotive grade ABS: Long lasting material designed to address the rigors of the elements
  • Precision designed for each application
  • No Drilling or Cutting to install.
  • Easy installation: Installs with “Pre-Applied” Red 3M Tape, simple peal and stick. Installs in minutes.

Chrome Door Handle Trim

Tailgate Handle Trim

Chrome Trim kits

Gemico Dash Kits


Custom Dashboard Covers

The Best Fitting Custom Dashboard Covers

The Best Fitting Custom Dashboard Covers Dash Covers are a popular accessory in the sunbelt states to combat the damaging effects of the sun, reduce dangerous sun glare and enhance a vehicle’s interior. A proper fitting Custom Dash Cover will soften the plastic look of a vehicle’s interior and provide protection to the driver and vehicle dashboard.

Custom Rear Deck Covers, a related accessory, covers the rear deck area of a vehicle behind the rear seats. Generally, Custom Rear Deck Covers are not available for trucks, SUVs, vans and hatchback cars. Custom Rear Deck Covers are available in the same materials and fabrics as Custom Dash Covers. A new variation on the Custom Dash Cover by Coverking is the Molded Dash Cover. This
is a thermo-formed carpet Dash Cover. It is molded to the exact shape of the dashboard, resulting in a perfect fitting cover with no stitching – this is the “ultimate” Custom Dash Cover.

What’s Important in a Custom Dash Cover?

A Custom Dash Cover is a very conspicuous accessory – it is clearly visible to the driver and front passenger. Therefore, fit and appearance are the most important qualities of a Custom Dash Cover. The fit is a result of the Custom Dash Cover’s pattern design, construction and materials. Coverking offers several enhancements to it’s line of fine fitting Custom Dash Covers. These include a wide selection of designer print materials, Lit Neon Edging, and custom embroidered logos or messages.

Pattern Design

Modern vehicle dashboards are complex, with subtle curved shapes, trays, cupholders, sensors, airbag cutouts, and other considerations. It is common for dashcover manufacturers to take a short-sighted approach to the pattern design, and make a mediocre fitting pattern. Addressing the curves, sensors and cutouts results in a significant amount of time designing the pattern and later cutting and sewing the Custom Dash Cover in production. Because of this, many Custom Dash Cover manufacturers cut corners and produce a Custom Dash Cover which covers sensors, cupholders, and doesn’t address some of the contours of the dashboard. At best, this produces a poor fit. At worst, it is a dangerous hazard which can prevent automatic headlights from functioning and airbags from deploying. With a full time staff of professional pattern makers and advanced computer aided design (which was pioneered in the custom auto accessory field be Coverking 20 years ago), Coverking has the tools to assure a consistent, perfect fitting Custom Dash Cover. All Coverking Custom Dash Cover patterns are CAD designed from the original vehicle dashboard using sophisticated software. The process of making a Custom Dash Cover pattern takes upwards of 2 weeks but results in a perfect compliment to the original vehicle’s dashboard. All cutouts, sensors, cupholders and airbag openings are studied and the Custom Dash Cover is designed not to interfere.


Coverking established the two most popular materials on the market; Poly-Carpet and Velour. Since then, Coverking has added Designer Velour and has added enhancements such as Lit Neon Edging. Coverking offers Custom Seat Covers in several materials and colors. If you would like, a sample swatch ring of material can be sent to you free of cost.Poly-Carpet A tough yet attractive polyester non-tufted low pile carpet which has a lifetime warranty and provides the maximum protection for the dashboard and cuts the most glare. Poly-Carpet has been our most popular material choice for years. Poly Carpet is available
for all Custom Dash Covers and Rear Deck Covers in several colors.


Luxurious and elegant, Velour is a perfect choice for luxury vehicles. It is available in several colors to compliment the interior of most vehicles. Velour is also available in our Custom Seat Covers, offering a matching interior.

Molded Carpet

Very similar to Poly-Carpet, with a thermo-formable backing. Once molded into shape, the material will hold that shape for life. Molded Carpet is guaranteed for life. Designer Velour The same basic material as regular Velour, but with exciting Designer Prints – including Hawaiian Prints in black, red and blue, Flames, PinUp Girls, Cheetah, Leopard, and Zebra.


Coverking Custom Dash Covers are made in California, U.S.A. by skilled professionals working in a clean and comfortable environment. Far from a “sweatshop”, Coverking Custom Dash Covers are made by people who enjoy Medical Insurance, ample opportunities for advancement, and more than a livable wage.

Unfortunately, well paid and happy employees often mean an expensive product. Coverking uses technology and automation to keep prices down, quality up and happiness high. A heavily computerized production area optimizes every operation and results in superior quality at prices often associated with third-world labor.


Coverking Custom Dash Covers and Rear Deck Covers are constructed using a “zigzag” stitch. Other Dash Covers available on the market are made using a “blind” stitch. Every stitching style has an intended Custom Dash Cover use, for Custom Dash Covers the optimal stitch style is the zigzag stitch. Coverking’s zigzag stitch takes more time and is more expensive, but the results are worth the added expense – the stitch acts as a hinge, allowing the cover to contour the surface of the dashboard. A zigzag stitch also allows small pieces to be sewn together, because there is no margin. A blind stitch results in the dash cover curling into the stitch, it attracts dust, it lifts off the dashboard because material is underneath the stitch, and it prevents small pieces from being sewn together – due to the necessary margins. Coverking Custom Dash Covers has been selected over competitors by many automotive accessory retailers for their fit, materials, and construction.

Tail Light Covers


V Tech Logo Tail Light Covers

  • Installs easily with 3M® tape for a guaranteed fit.
  • Fits most late model Ford and Chevy trucks.
  • Paintable to match your vehicle.

Diagonals Tail Light Covers

Diagonals add sleek styling to your truck.

Horizontal Slotted Tail LightCovers

V-Tech was the first manufacturer to offer a horizontal slotted paintable taillight cover. The “Originals” have larger, more symmetrical slots, and are bacuum-formed for rolled edges and a seamless finish. These taillight covrs are the highest quality and best fit on the market.

Logo Tail Light Covers

Available in “Big Horns” and “Bow Ties”

“French Cuts” Tail Light Covers

Available only in limited applications, these covers offer a long, tall, sleek opening down th back of the light – giving it a “frenched-in” look. It is possibly the easiest and least expensive way thoroughly customize the rear of the truck.

“Oval” Tail LightCovers

These covers offer three oval shaped openings on the taillight giving the illusion of three separate lights. The rounded look matches the lines on the truck and there is enough light to pass DOT (some applications). “Oval” Taillight Covers look great especially when paired with the “Oval Sidewinders” Side Window covers.

“Rough Cut” Tail Light Covers

Rough Cuts provide a truly custom look. These covers give the appearance of being torn away to expose the taillights beneath the surface.

“Sportsman” Tail Light Covers

Rough Cuts provide a truly custom look. These covers give the appearance of being torn away to expose the taillights beneath the surface.

“Tuff Covers” Tail Light Covers

With the ever growing popularity of trucks and sport utility vehicles, V-Tech developed the “Tuff Covers.” A custom formed alternative to the expensive metal taillight guards, “Tuff Covers” offer bold raised slots constructed of heavy-gauge ABS plastic. Having the benefit of paintability and easy installation, the “Tuff Cover” are in high demand by the 4×4 and SUV enthusiast.

Flames Tail Light Covers

These covers offer stylish flames and features a flush fit and rolled edge for a smooth, finished look. They install in seconds and the black finish can be painted as custom as imaginations allow.

Auto Ventshade – Slots Tail Light Covers


All Sales & Westin Billet Fuel Door


AMI and V-TECH Third Brake Light Covers


AMI and V-TECH Third Brake Light Covers are available in a variety of different styles to enhance the look of your pick-up truck. AMI Brake Light Covers easily installed over the existing third brake light and install uses the original mounting holes with-out modification while V-TECH Brake Light Covers install using 3M™ tape and can be painted for that custom look.